The Wolfman – Review

Have just returned from seeing The Wolfman which is officially in cinemas from Friday, though appears to be actually in cinemas from today. Buzz for this film started so long ago that I had almost forgotten about it; the hype having died down what feels like a year ago. Because of this I went into the film almost completely blank, but for an image of the werewolf itself, which is always a good thing.

I really enjoyed the film, it provided genuine scares, an interesting plot and action scenes that pulled no punches; limbs and blood flew everywhere. Anthony Hopkins did at times seem to be merely saying his lines, and neither his nor Benicio Del Toro’s accents were easily identifiable, but otherwise the acting was strong. There’s always a special joy to be found when actors from Coronation Street and Holby City make it into real films.

The real success was in making a werewolf that was frightening rather than silly looking, along with a few brutal transformation scenes reminiscent of An American Werewolf in London, though clearly utilising the advances in CGI. The Wolfman was a surprisingly enjoyable film, one that kept me interested and did not outstay its welcome. A return to the darker style of the tale of a supernatural beast, far from the realm of Twilight. Go and see it.