Valentines Day – Review

Thanks to a complete misreading of the listings I wound up seeing Valentines Day last night and let’s just say I took the bullet for you. You don’t really need me to tell you that this was not a good film; it is obviously a film designed for a certain date, flimsily plotted with short barely connected stories and sprinkled with a few well known faces.

The rest of the audience seemed to be really enjoying themselves, I will even confess to laughing more than once and it was nice to see a brief cameo from Kristen Schaal, but the movie was for the most part completely pointless. At least one of the storylines didn’t even remotely progress and those that did either consisted of a pairing breaking up, getting together or both.

Most of the acting was good enough if not exactly stellar; it’s not as if the script was helping them out at all. However the two performances that rose above mediocrity into awfulness were those by Eric Dane and Taylor Swift. While Swift clearly had too much energy and was almost spilling out of the screen, Dane appeared as bored as me and made no effort to act at all.

If any of those involved were to do well out of this film it is Anne Hathaway and Topher Grace whose short plot was  as amusing and touching as Valentines Day had to offer. If their story were a short film I might recommend you watch it but as it’s entangled with the rest of this mess of a film I say steer clear.