The Crazies – Review

While staying with die-hard horror fans at the weekend I couldn’t help but go and see The Crazies. Simply put, I really enjoyed it.

This is not a film trying to reinvent the genre or push boundaries and you shouldn’t go in expecting it to. Part of the joy of horror is knowing what is going to happen and the suspense waiting for it to happen brings. What you get is a good strong horror that gets straight into the action and produces real shocks that can make you jump even when you know they’re coming.

The acting is as good as it needs to be and Breck Eisner’s direction occasionally provides some oddly beautiful shots. The Crazies is a big improvement on recent horror remakes like Halloween and Friday the 13th and doesn’t feel the need to insert endless sex scenes to distract the audience. This is not a perfect film but is really good fun; never before have I been so afraid of a car wash or combine harvester.

As to whether this is a zombie movie or not… possibly.