Out Now – 5th March 2010

Time for your recently regular look at the week’s film releases. At least one big release this week, one that we almost didn’t get to see at all.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton brings us this 3D adventure in which Alice returns to the “Underland” to find it taken over by the Red Queen. With appearances from all the usual characters Alice must slay the Jabberwock and end the Red Queen’s rule. Sure to be an interesting experience and will make a star out of Mia Wasikowska who shone in TV’s In Treatment. My pick of the week simply because everyone else you know is going to see it, and you don’t want to feel left out. Expect wierdness.


Amanda Seyfried continues her transition to the big screen in this sexual thriller about a wife (Julianne Moore) who tests the fidelity of her husband (Liam Neeson) with the help of a young escort. Expect drama, sex and betrayal.


It’s the end of the world! God sends down angels to bring about the apocalypse while a pregnant waitress is believed to be carrying the new messiah. I’m not sure why God would send a messiah and try to end the world at the same time but I guess that’s what you have to watch the film to find out.  Expect a few epic fight scenes between supernatural things.

Case 39

Renee Zellweger is a social care worker who takes on the case of a ten year old girl which brings on all sorts of horrific events. Expect to see Bradley Cooper horrifically murdered and Zellweger’s face to look odd.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

It’s a documentary about and partially filmed by Banksy, revered graffiti artist. It might be good, IMDb seems to think it is. Expect it not to be out in a cinema near you.


Ondine is a film I heard about for the first time about five minutes ago. It is a modern fairytale starring Colin Farrell as an Irish fisherman who finds a mermaid in his fishing net. Expect authentic accents for a change.

The Father of My Children

As this is a French drama about a film producer struggling with suicidal despair this is only on limited release. I included it here just to use the picture at the top of this post where the lead appears to be a cross between Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. Expect subtitles.