Oscars Tonight!

Tonight the awards season comes to a head with The Oscars, serving as a night of either disappointment or excitement, launching some careers and proving a last hurrah for others.

Tonight’s show has been designed to be more appealing to the viewer at home starting with the hosts, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, who should in theory inject some comedy into the ceremony. Hugh Jackman’s all singing, all dancing performance last year will be hard to top, though the show is said to have a draw-dropping opening.

There are a few changes this year including the attempt at saving the lists of thank yous from winners till after they have exited the stage, some younger presenter appealing to a youth audience and the removal of performances of the nominated songs. The emphasis is clearly on a more streamlined and entertaining evening.

One interesting change is the way the acting awards will be presented. Last year five previous winners announced a nominee each before the winner was revealed, a friend of each nominee will be on hand to call out the nominees and present the award to the eventual winner. With this, and the emphasis on speeches about what the award means to the winners, emotions should be flying high on stage.

I will be watching with interest to see if this all pays off, and of course to see how accurate my predictions were. While I won’t be live-tweeting, come back tomorrow for Mild Concern’s look at what happened at Hollywood’s biggest night out.

The Oscars are airing on Sky Movies Premiere from 1am 8th March. If you don’t have Sky a live stream will be available here: http://www.livestream.com/theoscars