Zombieland On DVD and Bluray

Today the brilliant Zombieland is out on DVD and far superior Bluray. There is no reason for you not to buy it, and quite a few reasons you should.

Jesse Eisenberg heads up the cast of four survivors of a zombie apocalypse, and cements his ownership of the title “star of the future” which he picked up for his performance in Adventureland. Woody Harrelson makes himself relevant again while Abigail Breslin kicks more bum than in Little Miss Sunshine and Emma Stone plain makes my face smile. Highlights include the wonderful use of slow-mo, a rare non-pretentious voice-over and that surprise cameo. Beyond giving me a long term craving for a Twinkie Zombieland stuck with me long after I left the cinema and is an experience I would happily go through again. I guess that’s what Bluray is for.

Zombieland is scary, funny and at times genuinely touching, there are few films from last year this enjoyable. Hey, why not buy it from one of these handy links, I might even get some money that way.

Zombieland DVD at amazon.co.uk

Zombieland Blu-ray at amazon.co.uk