Eddie Izzard Marathon Man

For the past two weeks we have been treated to the first two parts of a truly inspirational three part documentary series, and on BBC Three of all places. Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man has been following Izzard’s astounding attempt at running 43 marathons in 51 days for Sports Relief revealing one of Britain’s favourite comics to be a most determined man.

I’ll admit to being a big Eddie Izzard fan so perhaps a little biased but there is no need to like his brand of humour to get the most out of this series. Izzard is a not an athlete and trained for a mere five weeks before starting this challenge and simply cannot be stopped. In previous weeks we have seen him suffer through injury, torrential weather and seemingly oblivious lorry drivers but nothing can stop him.

It is amazing to see how despite all his physical problem’s Izzard mental determination to succeed helps him to keep on running, even against medical advice and common sense. Tonight is the final episode in the series and I cannot wait to see him finish this mad mission. The journey so far has been a marvel, one than will inspire and make you feel plain lazy.

Inspirational, astounding, determined, amazing, marvel, yup I think I gushed enough.

Eddie Izzard Marathon Man is on BBC Three tonight from 10:30pm and the first two episodes can still be seen on BBC iPlayer. You can also donate to Sports Relief here.

Not sure why the BBC hid this series when Million Pound Bike Ride: A Sport Relief Challenge gets the 9pm slot on BBC One.