Out Now – 19th March 2010

Lost of films are coming out today, and most are on limited release, that’s too many films for me to be coherent throughout. 

Old Dogs
IMDb says, “Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.” I say John Travolta and Robin Williams ham it up through some contrived events probably with lots of toilet humour. Oh and Seth Green. Oddly this isn’t the “Poo of the Week”, this is:

My Last Five Girlfriends
A British film in which a man details his last five failed relationships. Supposedly original for showing the bad side of a relationship as well as the good. Also supposedly original for being shot in a cheap amateurish fashion. I’d rather watch (500) Days of Summer again. As if that’s saying anything.

The Spy Next Door
Another major contendor for “Poo of the Week”. Jackie Chan is an ex-spy who has to babysit some kids when some other people try to kill him. I think. Sounds like The Pacifier to me.

The Scouting Book for Boys (limited release)
Another British film but a good one this time. A dark drama about unrequited love between two friends who run away together. It sounds like it ends badly and looks very British.

Happy Ever Afters (limited release)
Oh dear it’s a screwball Irish comedy. Two wedding receptions are held at the same hotel which leads to some attempts a humour. No idea whether they will be successful or not.

Dirty Oil (limited release)
Documentary about mining for oil. Imagine There Will Be Blood in the modern day with no Daniel Day-Lewis.

Sons of Cuba (limited release)
Documentary about a Cuban boxing academy. Odd.

Chances are your local cinema will only be showing about three of these. I enjoy the word poo.