Fifth Final Destination Will Be 3D

ShoWest has delivered yet more movie scoop as it is revealed that there will be a fifth Final Destination and it was also announced at that it will be in 3D.

The Final Destination series is a big guilty pleasure of mine as they are knowingly over the top with too actually becoming a parody. There’s nothing better than watching the chain reactions that lead to a death while you try and guess just how it’s going to happen. It’s like Casualty gone mad.

Also, while I find 3D a bit pointless sometimes, I think horror is the perfect genre for 3D as it isn’t afraid to go full on and throw things in your face. If all you do with 3D is make the background seem a bit further back than the foreground then you might as well not bother, filmmakers should focus on adding depth to their characters not the scenery.

I look forward to ducking blood, guts and shrapnel in a few years when the next Final Destination is released.