Mission: Impossible IV Needs a Director

With a release date just over a year away Mission: Impossible IV is still looking for a director, one of the front runners being Brad Bird.

Bird has yet to direct a live action film and MI4 would be a pretty big undertaking but he has shown himself to be a competant storyteller through his animation work, helming The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

Another name being bandied around is Ruben Fleischer who impressed last year with Zombieland. The third contender Edgar Wright pretty much wrote himself off today on his twitter when he said of rumours he had been asked to direct, “It’s true, though probably a mission impossible to accept since I’m not done with SP and it starts soon. Nice to be thought of.” SP of course referring to Scott Pilgrim.

Whoever they pick I hope they pick soon as the release date is 27th May 2011 and they hope to start shooting in the summer. If Brad Bird does get the gig he’s going to need some time to prepare.