Out Now – 25th March 2010

It’s Friday. Films come out on Fridays. This Friday is no exception. Read on.

The Blind Side
Oscar winning performance from Sandra Bullock as a right wing woman who adopts a black boy and encourages him to become a professional athlete. A movie about American football and achieveing the American dream. Should go down a charm.

Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang
Emma Thompson is generally wonderful and this is no exception if you are a child or host This Morning. Probably well made, entertaining and charming family film. No roller derby though.

Perrier’s Bounty
A crime thriller comedy set in Dublin with Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy and Jim Broadbent. Could be good, will definitely be Irish.

Set in the near future when British gangs leave everyone living in fear. Mostly being sold on the fact that “Effy from Skins” is in it though they don’t think any of her scenes are good enough for the trailer. If you want to see lots of people younger than you fight, swear and kiss you’re in luck!