Bieber Set for Pilgrim Prequel

As post-production continues on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World internet buzz created by the trailer has helped plans for a prequel to move forward.

With Justin Bieber at the top of the US album charts he was the only person considered for the role of Scott and will be providing all of the music for the band within the film. Bieber was unavailable for comment due to it being his “nappy time”.

The prequel will be written and directed by Alan Smithee whose previous work includes Beach Cops and Street Walkers 3, and will move away from video game and comic references to try and make the film more mainstream. Edgar Wright said of the prequel, “I hope this means people will stop asking me about Scott Pilgrim and start asking about a third series of Spaced again.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Principal will start shooting in the summer for a DVD release sometime next April.