Good Doctor, Bad Detective

We’re back from Easter having gorged on chocolate and the delights of the BBC; didn’t the new Doctor do well?

I’ve had big hopes for this new series of Doctor Who having been largely unimpressed with the the previous years and being a big fan of the new creative team. I was not let down as everything seemed that much better than before, from the writing down to the lighting as Doctor Who became the show it was always meant to have been.

Yes the special effects weren’t up to much but they were wisely kept to a minimum so we weren’t jolted back to reality too often. There were a few new little flairs when we got to see the Doctor’s thought process that gave the show an extra air of quality and the lighting, which has for some reason always bothered me, was a bit more varied and cinematic. The writing was smart and funny which was nothing we shouldn’t expect from the great Moffat and together these elements spelt success.

Karen Gillan brought a likable and attractive assistant with Amy Pond, something never before seen in the re-imagined Who while Matt Smith successfully silenced all doubts about his casting. Smith stepped into the role with confidence and charm, seemingly the very essence of a Time Lord. The episode whipped along at a fair pace and was enjoyable throughout, a stark contrast to Tennant and Davies’ final outing together this past winter. The Doctor is dead, long live the Doctor.

While a mediocre show made good an old favourite fell from grace as Jonathan Creek felt more than a little bit weak. The reveal of how the “trick” was pulled off was simplicity itself and the major effort in the plot was justifying the trick in the first place. What was once a firm favourite felt a little bit unnecessary, enjoyable enough but not what it once was. Shame.