Out Now – 16th April 2010

It seems like there’s a lot of films out today though only two are on wide release and neither of those look particularly appealing.

The Ghost
The title made more sense when it was called The Ghostwriter as that is what the film is about. In theory this is a thriller with lots of twists and turns with rave reviews but it almost feels like everyone is trying really hard to ignore the fact that Roman Polanski is yet to sit trial for sex crimes. I think this will be disappointing, Olivia Williams won’t be though.

Repo Men
It’s the future and there are swish replacement organs that the repo men will reclaim if you miss a payment. One repoman falls behind on his own payments and goes rogue much like Anthony Head’s character in Repo! The Genetic Opera but with much less singing. Don’t expect this film to make much sense or be very enjoyable.

(on limited release)
I’ll let wikipedia do the talking here; “Bananas!* is a 2009 Swedish documentary directed by Fredrik Gertten about a conflict between the Dole Food Company and banana plantation workers in Nicaragua over alleged cases of sterility caused by the pesticide DBCP.” Sound fun? No?

Boogie Woogie (on limited release)
I’m pretty sure this is being released today though I’ve no idea where. It’s a British comedy set in London amongst the international art world. Lots of familiar faces and some racy scenes. The film was supposed to be released years ago so bear that in mind.

The Heavy (on limited release)
Vinnie Jones tries acting once again. The plot has something to do with two brothers and possibly the elections. I got bored just trying to find out about the film.

Crying With Laughter (on limited release)
Another film on which details are scarce but I can say that this is a dark British comedy and is actually in my local cinema. Could even be good!