Let’s Talk Whedon’s The Avengers

I know I’ve taken my time covering the developing story of Joss Whedon directing The Avengers but it has been constantly evolving. First of all it was announced that Whedon was in final negotiations to take on the directing job and the internet got all frenzied and Whedonites everywhere quick got over the death of Dollhouse.

Despite being a Whedon fan I wasn’t overwhelmed by the news as I am relatively unfamiliar with The Avengers and was always more of a fan of his writing than his directing. The next news to filter through was that Whedon was going to do some rewrites on The Avengers’ script and then I was interested. Iron Man’s fun dialogue as written by Joss Whedon? Yes please.

A bit later it seemed that he would also be rewriting the script for Captain America which is surely set to shoot soon. This is more good news at it allows him to maintain a continuous character as Captain America moves from his solo movie to be part of The Avengers and it seems Antman will be getting similar treatment.

The next day Edgar Wright tweeted that he had met with Joss Whedon generating a bit more excitement in two different fanbases. While Wright is still finishing off Scott Pilgrim he has already written the script for an Antman film which he is probably going to direct when he has the time. Antman is another memeber of The Avengers and will probably first appear in The Avengers. Whedon and Wright will hopefully have been discussing the character, and may even have to work together in casting him. This is purely speculation of course but if I’m right I want credit!

This whole story is pretty exciting, my only worry being if one of Whedon’s old actors somehow made their way into the film. Whedon said of both Dollhouse and Wonder Woman that they weren’t parties for his friends, but the second season of Dollhouse seemed to forget about this.

No Eliza Dushku please!