Out Now – 14th May 2010

Well I hope you live in a “Key City” or you won’t get any new releases today as everything is on limited release. A couple are only in very specific London cinemas but we’ll ignore those. For everything else I will turn to google for some answers.

American: The Bill Hicks Story

“The true life story of the outlaw comic who tried to save the world, as told by the 10 people who knew him best.” Any takers?

Eyes Wide Open
I was really hoping this was a Jewish sequel to Eyes Wide Shut so I could make a joke about circumcision, sadly not. Instead we have a gay love story set in Jerusalem’s Orthodox community which might be quite good.

Set in the first Lebanon war we follow four members of a tank crew who, unsurprisingly really, end up in a dangerous and violent situation. Potentially a deep and moving look into human nature combined with things exploding.

Pandora And The Flying Dutchman
Oooh, mildy more exciting as this is an old film from the 1950s. James Mason and Ava Gardner are in it. All I know is it involved a sea captain, a bullfighter and a racing driver all fighter over a singer.

“Vincere is a drama film that is based on the life of the first wife of Benito Mussolini.” Erm… this will be in Italian and has won lots of awards. Go see it if you like big foreign dramas.

Oh dear, with Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood blocking up the cinemas it seems no one wants to be brave and release a film properly this weekend. Four Lions is good if you don’t like your movies to be too epic.