Four Lions – Review

I’ll be brief. Four Lions is funny, very funny. Darkly funny. From anyone else this would be a wholly satisfying black comedy about suicide bombers but as this came from Chris Morris it felt slightly lacking.

Chris Morris’ humour normally is deeply subversive and ultimately has something to say whether that be about celebrities or paedophiles. The only thing Four Lions could be saying is that terrorists are human too. It is refreshing to be laughing at what normally terrifies us, but the idea is played more for laughs than anything more. Big laughs though, big raucous laughs.

Anyone who’s seen Monkey Dust on BBC3 all those years ago may remember a series of sketches that pretty much follow the plot of this film, on those terrorists were from Birmingham.

If you want a good comedy there’s nothing else out right now, nor probably for a good while as good as Four Lions.