Out Now – 2nd June 2010

Two uninspiring releases today that are too scared to compete with the Friday crowd. Intrigued?

Death at a Funeral
Remember the underrated British comedy called Death at a Funeral? Well it’s back, only this time the characters are all American (and black, but I’m afraid to mention this because because it might look racist). It seems America feels the need to remake even British films in an attempt to appeal to the mass audience. On the plus side Peter Dinklage is repeating his role from the original film and I adore Peter Dinklage. I hope liking the only white character doesn’t make me racist…
Noel Clarke, he who was in Doctor Who for longer than necessary and who wrote Adulthood and Kidulthood has done another movie! It is a thriller about something and has a crazy cast including Clarke himself, Mandy Patinkin, Emma Roberts, Kevin Smith and Michelle Ryan. I just watched the trailer and it doesn’t really appeal and gives nothing away about the plot. It looks very British though… which is sadly bad thing in this case.