Birdemic: Shock and Terror – Review

Being a right trendy hipster I spent Friday night at the Curzon cinema in Soho for my first taste of their monthly midnight screenings. The experience on offer was Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a film famed for being the worst ever made.

They weren’t wrong.

Birdemic suffers from weak dialogue, poor acting and a general quality of filmmaking that makes my own efforts look Oscar-worthy. The first half of the film deals with Rod, a successful software salesman, falling in love with a model, getting some stock options (which are mentioned a bizarre amount) and securing funding for his own green business venture. If it hadn’t been for the wooden acting, weird sound quality, clumsy camerawork and clunky editing the film would have been boring. Instead of killing the film these amateurish aspects brought loud heckling and laughter from the late-night audience and as such an amazing night at the cinema began.

Waking up one morning next to his model girlfriend Rod discovers a world being attacked by birds. Badly computer generated birds to be exact. The birds dive-bomb buildings and explode before flying down and flapping slightly near the characters creating absolutely no tension at all. After briefly defending themselves with coat hangers guns inexplicably appear and the film descends into madness. Unconvincingly acted, crappily filmed madness.

Birdemic is truly, truly awful and is not one you should download or buy on DVD. Where Birdemic succeeds is with large group of slightly inebriated viewers who have been given full permission to shout, scream, dance and shake their coat-hangers. Birdemic is an experienced that should be shared or avoided completely.

Writer/director/cameraman James Nguyen was on hand for photos, autographs (my signed coathanger will always be with me) and a Q&A and while he was happy to pull faces for photos when it came to answering questions it was clear he still took his film seriously and revealed that a $20million sequel may well be in the works. Lord save us all.

Have a look at the trailer for a taste of the horror: