Out Now – 11th June 2010

It’s all a bit underwhelming. Where are the big summer releases? They may not be any good but they’re a lot easier to write about.

Ben Stiller in a film where I may actually enjoy his performance!? Quite an accolade for Greenberg which just so happens to be the only film on general release from today. I’d actually quite like to see this, apparently it is mainstream mumblecore, which is a good thing(?). Go see this… or watch the world cup.

Black Death (limited release)
Sean Bean riding round on a horse in what I have just discovered is a supernatural film set during the black death. I wouldn’t see this if I were you, unless you’re a hardcore Bean fan. He is not surprisingly playing the bad guy.

H2Oil (limited release)
Good timing! This is a documentary about oil and whether it is more important than water. Expect this to get much more buzz that it would have now that BP have gone and made a mess of the ocean.

Shed Your Tears and Walk Away (limited release)
A documentary following someone trying to understand why their childhood friends are trying to kill themselves. Wow. No jokes here. Sounds like it might be incredibly touching but even more so immensely sad.