We (Allegedly) Have A Spiderman!

Seeing as our first ever post was all about the Spiderman reboot it’s only right we cover the potential casting of the ultra-hormonal lead. Ladies and gentlemen we give you Josh Hutcherson in a totally unconfirmed way.

Films he’s been in that I’ve seen include the not as dissapointing as expected Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant and the utterly devastating Bridge to Terabithia. Seriously, watch Terabithia and try not to cry.

He’s not my first choice but then I’m not a major fan of any 17 year old actors so can’t really offer any alternatives. While previously we all knew the reboot would be set during high school it is only now that it hits home just how youth targeted this film could be. Could be. Hutcherson might not even get the part… This isn’t news!