Out Now – 2nd July 2010

Happy Friday! Isn’t it wonderful when it’s the weekend, the sun is shining and there’s loads of great films to go and see? Well it’s almost as great when just the first two are true.

Time for one of signature, “this is a foreign film” alerts. While it may well be this summer’s best romantic comedy it will also be in french. You have been warned. Oddly this is supposed to be both romantic and funny making it a bit of an oddity as far as romantic comedies go.

Shrek Forever After
The final chapter in the Shrek franchise is finally here! Final  if you ignore the Puss in Boots spin-off and the prequel. But this will almost certainly maybe finish Shrek’s storyline. I have literally no idea about the plot apart from that Puss is fat and a short red-haired man is involved.

White Material
Another French film about a woman (french shockingly) who visits Africa. My heart’s not in this one.

Gay Sex in the 70s
(limited release)
A documentary looking at the gay culture in New York in the 70’s before AIDs came along. Probably not the choice for keeping the kids entertained this weekends. Kids can be so judgemental.

Lymelife (limited release)
This looks like a little gem. Starring Rory Culkin, Emma Roberts and Alec Baldwin this film depicts the childhoods of it’s writers growing up in Long Island in the 70s. Expect less gay sex and a bit more Lyme disease.

Skeletons (limited release)
A confusing one to google but I can say will almost certainty that this was filmed in Derbyshire and has Jason Isaacs in it. Whoot.

When You’re Strange: A Film About The Doors (limited release)
Wow. With a title like that what more can I say? How about Johnny Depp narrates a documentary about The Doors which features previously unseen footage and other such stuff. I do enjoy The Doors.

Go and see Lymelife and tell me how it is.