Good News, Bad News, Pilgrim Blues and Poster Views

Can we first of all take a moment to appreciate the title of this post, I have never been so proud.

In other news Empire has had a lot of Scott Pilgrim exclusivity of late thanks to them being all successful and popular. I prefer to call them sell-outs but that’s just petty jealousy. The first of these exclusives is that they will be screening Scott Pilgrim as part of Movie-Con III on August 15th almost two weeks before the film’s release.

This confused me as I was pretty sure that the film was coming out on the 13th so this was hardly an exclusive and IMDb agreed with me. I went direct to the source and asked Edgar Wright on his site.

Shockingly Scott Pilgrim won’t be hitting UK screens until 25th August, a Wednesday no less! Cruelty, sheer cruelty.

If we can move on for a second Empire have also got the first look at the international poster which I have taken and put in this post. It’s like an anti-scoop!

The 25th!!!!!