Out Now – 1st September 2010

As we start September the Summer Blockbuster season draws to a close and we enter the time of year when award worthy films grace our screens. There’s also a Bateman/Aniston comedy.

The Switch
I very nearly saw this yesterday but misplaced my ticket and couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it so will not be able to bring any real insight on the film. However the mix of Jason Bateman, Jeff Goldblum and some people who had something to do with Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, can easily offset the worry that Jennifer Aniston brings and I really want to see The Switch. Anyone?

The fact that this is only released at the ICA should let you know that this is an arty film. Sure enough, “Twenty years after the death of a dear friend, the filmmaker re-traces a ghostly journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway to investigate how images of the past can invade the present.” It gets more arty the more you read.