Tamara Drewe – Review

It might be because I was a bit of a wreck after having to walk into central London thanks to tube strikes, but I found Tamara Drewe a bit difficult.

There were funny bits and moving bits but all in all they were just bits and as a whole the film was very bitty. I certainly wouldn’t say that Tamara Drewe was the focus, nor the most appealing character. Well certainly not appealing on an emotional level, though Arterton does look lovely.

The films flits about all over the place revealing one flawed character after another leaving you rooting for just Tamsin Greig’s put upon wife, who will ultimately break your heart a little. If this was supposed to be a romantic comedy then the couple I think we were supposed to be rooting for gets together for no real reason and provided a bit of a flat ending. Both characters used others at various parts of the film so I didn’t particularly need them to have a happy ending.

Oh it’s all so bizarre! I certainly would hesitate to recommend it to anyone, though with a good edit you could make a good short out of Greig’s storyline.

To have your heart-broken by Tamsin Greig in a better production watch the BBC’s 2009 miniseries The Diary of Anne Frank.

Tamara Drewe is out this Friday.