SoulBoy – Review

For the love of Felicity Jones I hunted down a screening of SoulBoy and was thoroughly whelmed, not under or over.

In SoulBoy Martin Compston discovers the Northern Soul scene after essentially stalking some one, and in the process causes a lot of trouble and falls in love… with no real motivation. There is lots of good music and impressive dancing, and the inclusion of a dance off in the climax is certainly welcome if a little ridiculous.

Alfie Allen doesn’t really have a lot to do as Compston’s best friend and Jones herself is little more that a plot device than a character in her own right. The film is fun and has heart but ultimately is a bit too empty to be really satisfying.

A small part for Bruce Jones from Coronation Street was amusing, though he didn’t have anything to do either, and a subplot involving Compston’s boss was sweet if there just to give Compston a moment of realisation.

One last niggling issue was that the camera constantly felt a little too close to the action making the film feel a bit more Heartbeat than Cemetery Junction. Either the direction was a little lacking or my perception was warped thanks to being up against the wall yet only four rows back from the screen in what must be one of the smallest screens in London:

So should you see SoulBoy? Probably not unless you love Northern Soul, Felicity Jones or independent British cinema.