Out Now – 17th September 2010

It’s been a bit of a slow week, but dozens of mediocre films are coming out today. ‘Citing!

M. Night Shyamalan had the idea for this film but couldn’t be bothered to make it himself. People are stuck in a lift and one of them is the devil. Will it be any good? No. Will I see it regardless? Yes.

Ik Kudi Panjab Di
A very long Punjabi film about a women messing with the dominance of males. Or something.

Just Wright
A romantic comedy about a physical therapist falling in love with a basketball player. Yo.

The Kid
Brit flick about a kid growing up rough but turning out good. Based on a biopic of someone who may not be famous.

The Other Guys
These guys are so bad at being cops. Hilarious!

Winter’s Bone
Exceedingly well reviewed film about a girl’s journey to find her drug dealing father. Probably not a comedy.

F (limited release)
Short British film about thriller about teachers under siege from murderous students.

The Horde (limited release)
A French horror about the fight between gangsters, police and zombies. Adding zombies and a foreign language makes all films more appealing.

I’m Still Here (limited release)
We finally get to see what may or may not have happened to Joaquin Phoenix last year while he happened to be filmed by Casey Affleck. All I know is he poos on someone’s face.

Night of Demons (limited release)
Flicked through the trailer to see a cheap looking horror set at a party with some nudity. Also some woman with tentacles.