Paranormal Activity 2 – Trailer Dissection

After all the teasing and endless viral clips sent to various blogs we have a real trailer for Paranormal Activity 2 and it looks like the demon/ghost will be getting much more interactive this time round. Watch the trailer and then click on through where we will show you what happened in those fast cuts with the aid of screenshots.

Now let’s dissect this puppy.

Baby stands up as if by magic!

Erm, a shoulder? Not too scary.

Baby in the kitchen!

Baby in the road!

There she is!

Woman holding baby in the mirror, barely visible in the room itself.

Hard to see in a still but something barely visible runs down the stairs.

Can’t see it? Watch the trailer and look here.

Another case of baby in the mirror not in the room.

Various religious bits. As if that will help.

Baby on the ceiling or camera on the floor?

And to finish a woman being dragged along the floor.

Paranormal Activity 2 is in cinemas on 22nd October.