Robot Chicken Star Wars Episodes 1&2 – DVD Review

If you’re not familiar with Robot Chicken then all you need to know is that it is an adult stop-motion sketch show made with toys, co-created by Seth Green, filled with pop-culture references and celebrity voices. Where toys, pop-culture and geekery combine you get Star Wars merchandise and Robot Chicken is no stranger to the odd Star Wars sketch. On top of the odd sketch Robot Chicken has now made two dedicated Star Wars episodes which are coming out in one box set on Monday exclusive to HMV.

But are the episodes any good? As with any Robot Chicken the sketches are a mix of hits and misses. For me Robot Chicken is at its weakest when resorting to toilet humour and thanks to Lucasfilm’s involvement it seems that this element has been toned down so the misses are few and far between. A lot of the sketches are funny and a few even hilarious, though sadly a few do fall flat. Proper Star Wars fans will be happy to hear the voices of the actual actors in some of the parts, and will understand the jokes better than I do.

Where the DVDs really excell are in the extras, on top of some bonus episodes are more special features than there is actual Robot Chicken and like the show itself range from the brilliant (in-depth “making of”s) to the dull (endless TV links).

So if you’re a Robot Chicken fan or even a Star Wars fan with a sense of humour you can get the DVD from HMV here or in-store.