Scream 4 – Trailer Dissection

Scream 4 seems to star every person I’ve ever seen on TV, in particular the attractive female people. Therefore the trailer dissection for Scream 4 will be looking at which of your favourite characters are on display. If you want moving pictures the trailer is embedded, but the real fun starts below.

We start with Julia Salinger from Party of Five

…Jason Ventress from In Case of Emergency(!?)…

…Monica from Friends

…Addie from Unfabulous

…Claire from Heroes

…Kieran and Macauley’s brother who is not from TV…

…Razor from Make It or Break It

…some girl who did one episode of 10 Things I Hate About You

…Dale Turner from Jericho

…Sookie from True Blood and Veronica Mars…

…Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars and Annie Wilson from 90210


…Laura Roslin from Battlestar Galactica

…Rachel Young from Eleventh Hour

…and not forgetting Julie Taylor from Friday Night Lights, Kevin Bernard from Law & Order, Seth Cohen from The O.C. and Annie Edison from Community.

What is it about TV actors in films that makes them so irresistible?