Ricky Gervais Live IV Science – DVD Review

Let me set the scene here so this doesn’t come off as a Ricky Gervais bashing post; I enjoyed The Office, Extras, Cemetery Junction and his first two stand-ups. I though Fame was lazy and a bit dull though and while Science is an improvement, it’s still a bit haphazard.

For a start the title didn’t really relate to any of the material, a small niggle but an indication of the lack of effort put into the material. The majority of the performance was made up of his own self-praise, trying to solve fat people and the mocking of the story of Noah which Eddie Izzard did so much better.

I’m not saying I didn’t laugh, Gervais did have some good material in there but it was far too casual an affair. There was a lot of him saying offensive things then saying “I’m joking” and defending himself against anyone who might have been offended. Only no one was, they were all laughing making Gervais look mildy schizophrenic as he argued with no one onstage.

The DVD extras include a brief “documentary” of Ricky Gervais in New York and two lengthy clip with Karl Pilkington which were much better than the stand-up.

If you’re not put off, Ricky Gervais Live IV – Science is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.