Out Now – 17th December 2010

It’s almost Christmas, are we all excited? Well today we have some nice presents and a few bits of coal too.

Animals United
In which Germany make a CG film with the familiar plot about a group of animals doing something in Africa and then dub it in English. Do not see.

Imagine Showgirls with no nudity and more singing. Throw in Kristen Bell and Alan Cummin and it looks more promising. Then realise Cher is there too and run the other way.

Tron: Legacy
It looks pretty and is sure to please any fan of Tron but I’ve heard it’s pretty light on anything that would make a film emotionally engaging or interesting plot-wise.

Catfish (limited release)
And it really is very limited, but I hear it’s also on Sky Box Office. We saw this a while back and it really freaked us out. Enjoy!

Cuckoo (limited release)
A British thriller starring Richard E Grant that has bad reviews and that I’ve never heard of.

Fred: The Movie (limited release)
Horrible looking comedy that was made for TV in the US but has somehow made it onto the silver screen over here.

Loose Cannons (limited release)
Italian comedy about teo gay brothers trying to come out to their family. Moderate response from critics.