Out Now – 25th February 2011

A good week for releases this week with a couple of Oscar films and plenty of mindless guff. Oddly it’s the mindless guff I’d rather see.

Animal Kingdom
Can a young man escape a life of crime despite his family being a right rum lot? Can you not like a film with a 93% fresh rating?

Drive Angry
There’s almost no need to see this stupid, run of the mill, 3D action film. But then there’s Amber Heard.

No Strings Attached
There’s almost no need to see this stupid, run of the mill, romantic comedy. But then there’s Natalie Portman.

The Rite
A young priest goes to exorcism school in Italy a bit of a skeptic. A few hours and plenty of dark rooms, evil faces and arch dialogue later and he’s a believer.

West is West
A sequel to a film I haven’t seen. Someone goes to join someone else in the Punjab. Any sequel to a critically acclaimed film, ten years after the original, is a tricky proposition.

Howl (limited release)
Your art house film for this week. The obscenity trial of Alan Ginsberg is acted out alongside archive footage of the man himself and some surreal animation. With a cast that include John Hamm, Mary-Louise Parker and James Franco you know this is a quality piece.

Waste Land (limited release)
Those of us who have seen this documentary about art thriving in a landfill won’t shut up about it, and those that haven’t have added it to their increasingly long list of films they want to see in the cinema.