Out Now – 11th March 2011

Nothing out this week is worth seeing if you haven’t seen Rango yet.

Battle: Los Angeles
Oh my word, aliens are trying to kill us all and colonise the planet starting in LA. Aaron Eckhart apparently went method for this, he must have been terrified.

The Company Men
Want to see rich, successful actors play rich, successful millionaires who get made redundant and have to cancel their country club membership? Probably not if you know anyone who isn’t a millionaire and has been made redundant.

Fair Game
Based on a true story in which some woman is a spy and then her husband does something to which the government and her employer react badly. Looks a bit tense for me.

Hall Pass
Men with attractive wives get bored and are given a week to have sex with whoever they please, if you’ll excuse the pun. Who can’t relate to that, eh? Attractive wives? Who wants that? Am I right guys?

The Resident
Horsey woman moves into an apartment and her landlord turns out to be a creep that probably tries to marry/kill her, it’s all the same when it comes to crazy obsession.

All American Orgy (limited release)
Three couples seek enlightenment through group sex. It could be an amazing study on relationship dynamics but it probably isn’t.

His & Hers (limited release)
A documentary in which seventy women of hugely varying ages discuss their love stories. Aw!

Legacy: Black Ops (limited release)
A one room psychodrama about a Black Ops operative mentally unravelling. No comment.

Living in Emergency (limited release)
Documentary following four doctor who are brave and have no borders. It will make you feel like you should do something better with your life, recycle perhaps.

Norwegian Wood (limited release)
In a slow paced film two young friends fall in love after their friend commits suicide. Expect lots of angst and crying outdoors before the romance happens.