Venus & the Sun – Review

On Monday of this week there was a film first… of the dubious kind. Venus & the Sun became the first film iPhone app, with apple users able to download an app from apple which has a few games and the opportunity to pay to download the short film. The film was also released on DVD the same day and you can even buy it on memory stick from the film’s website.

The short film itself is pretty mediocre, though nowhere near as bad as I had expected. Keeley Hazell, “glamour” model, plays a version of herself who loves Latin and hates it when she is recognised for her modelling, until the moment she isn’t. Hazell does an OK job at her role, though was more convincing when talking in Latin than in English. The film isn’t going to be winning any awards and they couldn’t even get the prop newspaper’s Page 3 to be on the third page.

SO the short itself is pretty unremarkable but more interesting is the fact that it is so easy to see. Normally short films are the preserve of the film festival and tracking down a copy of a short you’ve read about is near impossible. The internet should be opening up distribution and perhaps, in spite of its lack of flair, Venus & the Sun is taking a step in the right direction for the distribution of short films.