Out Now – 1st April 2011

It’s been a slow week. We promise to be better next week, starting on Sunday with a special guest blog. Now to run through the huge volume of films out today.

Russell Brand is a randy Easter bunny in this family film released a little bit too early to be relevant. Brand fans will be disappointed… but kids will probably love it. Idiots.

Killing Bono
This film about the band that U2 left in its wake completely loses its edge (no pun intended) the minute you find out that Bono suggested the title.

Oranges and Sunshine
Emily Watson, brilliant actress that she is, retells the true story of a social worker who uncovers a government scheme forcing children in care to emigrate. Bound to be well told, though a little serious for Mother’s Day.

Source Code
Can Duncan Jones top the amazing Moon? Probably not, but this inventive sci-fi about a man sent back to relive a train crash promises to be every bit as clever as his debut, if a little less subtle.

Sucker Punch
Zach Snyder makes a comment about the exploitation of women and takes a huge step forward for female empowerment by dressing young ladies in skimpy outfits and getting them to dance/fight Nazi steam punk robots. Well, I feel empowered.

Blooded (limited release)
British horror mockumentary following a group of animal rights activists who kidnap, release and hunt five deer hunters. Oddly every character has two actors listed on IMDb. Seriously, have a look.

Essential Killing
Polish “political” thriller about a man who tries to escape from his American captors while in an unknown European country, forces to survive in a frozen woodland. Not sure how this is political, any more than Bear Grylls is.

Great Directors (limited release)
Only at the ICA this one. Angela Ismailos talks to great directors like David Lynch, Todd Haynes, Agnes Varda, Ken Loach and Bernardo Bertolucci to see who can be the most provocative and controversial. Or to discuss film, one or the other.

Hatchet II (limited release)
I could have sworn I once read that this gorefest was surprisingly good but the terrible reviews don’t seem to agree with my memory. One of your best bets for seeing guts spilled this week.

Passenger Side (limited release)
Nice little indie film about two brothers driving around for a day looking for the meaning of life… or drugs. Adam Scott’s in it and he’s good at the acting lark.

There were too many, I had to skip some. 10 points if you can name them.