Johnny English Reborn – Trailer

Let me begin by apologising for the lack of a trailer dissection, but frankly it’s far too sunny outside for that amount of effort. The sequel you sort of knew was coming, but had forgotten about a little, now has a trailer as Rowan Atkinson returns as the UK’s most hapless spy, Johnny English.

It looks like it’s taking on the likes of Batman Begins with its martial arts training opening and has the same level of humour as the first film. With Johnny English you’re not getting the most high brow form of comedy, plenty of slapstick and probably some toilet humour. As my favourite line from the first film was “it’s only a bit of poo”, in the interest of balance I should say that Mild Concern‘s other writer looked at me with scorn when I explained this, and is indifferent at best about the sequel.

Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

Guaranteed to be better than Get Smart.