Super 8 – Trailer Dissection

11 months ago the first teaser trailer for Super 8 leaked online in horrible quality and we had no idea what was going on. Now we have a proper trailer, not ripped from anything and featuring actual actors, and I’m pretty sure it is a film about aliens. It is, right? Watch the trailer and then I’ll lay out the case for an alien invasion.

First of all look at the logo for Amblin Entertainment, there’s an alien right there in the bike’s basket, and if that wasn’t enough…

… here’s a kid on a bike in small town America.

Then there’s the clip from the original trailer, something large is trying to get out of the train wreckage…

…something so large that the military roll on into town.

Dogs go missing and reappear in a big circle. If aliens can make a circle in crop fields then why not in dogs? Does that make any sense?

Man being dragged! This is either aliens or some kind of monster… or some bizarrely violent frozen peas.

A small silvery thing flies of its own accord and through the wall right where a poster for a space shuttle is. Coincidence? The mere fact that the lead kid is a space nut seals the deal.

Everyone looking towards the sky combined with a random explosion? Definitely not dinosaurs.

This guy is shooting at something, totally an alien. Hopefully an alien that can cope with both water and the common cold.

Things floating up into a bright light in the sky, classic alien activity. We’ve all been there.

A frame of the trailer toward the end has the text S8EDITINGROOM.COM which leads to a site with video clips referring to a craft and biological things. Aliens galore.

I tried to find more clues in the flash of light right after the logo and just got this dirty film. Never mind.

So aliens then, yes?