Out Now – 13th May 2011

Attack the Block really is your best bet this week. Unless I’m biased and it’s terrible, let me know.

The Way
Emilio Estevez directs his dad, Martin Sheen, in a film about a man hiking through France to recover the body of his son. Expect beautiful scenery, a gravelly voice and personal epiphanies.

Take Me Home Tonight
Topher Grace and Anna Faris are twins having a crazy night with “language, sexual content and drug use.” Gotta love a bit of language, sexual content and drug use, though my weekends are normally language, Doctor Who and cider use.

Red Hill (limited release)
Ryan Kwanten (from True Blood) is a police officer struggling to stay alive on his first day of duty. Excitingly involves strong bloody violence, and language.

Love Like Poison (limited release)
A French teenage girl comes home from Catholic boarding school to find her father has left. Cue a sad mother and a young girl struggling between her devotion to God and wanting to jump the bones of a local boy. In French.

A Screaming Man (limited release)
Hard to summarise – pool attendant loses job and country falls to civil war. The man wants his money but he has none, he has a son though… Eh?

Amreeka (limited release)
“A drama centered on an immigrant single mother and her teenage son in small town Illinois.”

Risen (limited release)
Possibly a period boxing film.

After The Apocalypse (limited release)
Documentary visiting modern-day Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan where nuclear weapons were tested during the Soviet era. 1 in 20 children have birth defects and there is a proposal to abort any defective foetuses. Not an easy watch.