Out Now – 3rd June 2011

With the blockbuster release out of the way, today’s releases are a mix of mediocre and a lot of documentaries.

Thankfully not on a limited release this documentary of the life and death of Ayrton Senna combines existing footage with new audio interviews to create a cinematic documentary that everyone is raving about. If you want something a little different, and a little better than the usual give it a go.

Any prom with a U rating surely isn’t worth 103 minutes of your time.

Mammuth (limited release)
The first of two Gérard Depardieu films this month, this being about a retiree trying to find the missing documents to get his pension. He does so on a bike…

Last Night (limited release)
Keira Knightley films don’t come with much fanfare these days, which is a shame as she’s not as bad as most people say. This romantic drama focuses on a couple dealing with temptation when spending a night apart.

Screwed (limited release)
Gritty Brit flick showing prison life from the point of view of a guard. A bit too gritty for delicate old me.

Rio Breaks (limited release)
Documentary looking at two best friends trying to escape the slums by winning a surfing competition.

Donor Unknown (limited release)
Yet another documentary, this one looking at children born through artificial insemination looking for siblings.

The Flaw (limited release)
The last documentary of the week, examining American capitalism in the twentieth century and the Wall Street Crash. Looks funnier than you might expect.