Prepare Yourself for Harry Potter

With just over a month to go until my childhood officially ends I think it is appropriate to begin to get excited about the eighth and final film in the Harry Potter series. Just look at the trailer, it’s enough to make you feel like you’ve been hit with a flipendo spell. (NERD ALERT!)

Clearly in the same mindset the BFI IMAX in London has a very exciting event planned. Harry Potter All-Nighters! Split over two nights, and repeated on a second weekend, the BFI IMAX will be showing all seven current Potter films in the wee hours to get you ready for 15th July. The first four are shown in one block on either 17th or 24th June and the remaining three on 18th or 25th June.

I’d suggest doing the 17th and then the 25th, it takes a brave Potter fan to do two consecutive nights. I also suggest that you take me with you, I make great company. Tickets can be bought here and I’ll keep myself free.

As we’ve got you here we’ve uploaded the eight character banners we couldn’t figure out what to do with last week. Finally! A ridiculously high res poster of Neville Longbottom! Check out all eight below.