Angry Boys – Tonight

Ever since Edgar Wright posted a clip from Summer Heights High back in December, I have been on a Chris Lilley journey of discovery.

Like his earlier two series, We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High, Lilley plays all the leads in a mockumentary covering a huge variety of characters. His series are always hilarious first and foremost though can border on the touching and certainly court controversy. Lilley is not afraid of portraying other races though tends to steer clear of simple caricatures, favouring layered characters instead.

Angry Boys features a pair of twins, those from his first series, their grandmother, a black American rapper, a Japanese mother and a professional surfing bum. In the episodes I’ve seen so far there is no clear connection between all the characters but I’m sure it will all coalesce before the last episode.

Most importantly Angry Boys is hilarious and the kind of quality comedy we don’t get enough of. Naturally the BBC aren’t exactly giving it prime position but it’s there to be found and enjoyed. Watch the clip below and see if it is for you:

Angry Boys starts with two episodes tonight at 10:40pm on BBC Three.

For the full Chris Lilley experience you can get both Summer Heights High and We Can Be Heroes on DVD for about £5. (Summer Heights High is by far the best.)

Can’t not include a Summer Heights High clip…