The Help and The Inbetweeners – Trailers

Because you’re about to get a heavy review for an independent cinema filled with social commentary, I’ve decided to lighten the mood with a few trailers. One for a period dramedy about social progression and the other almost certainly to include the word “clunge”.

The Help

Why is this exciting? Emma Stone and Allison Janney make any film watchable (ignoring Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) and from the looks of this trailer we have a good mix of comedy and an important historical issue being tackled. It’s the American version of Made in Dagenham but with more racial diversity. Released in the UK on 28th October.

The Inbetweeners

Why is this exciting? Because The Inbetweeners is amazing in a very bizarre way that I’m not proud of. This trailer reminds me of the teaser for The Hangover Part II but ten times more fun. My only concern is trying to see it in a cinema that isn’t filled with young rowdy types. Press screening please? Released in the UK on 19th August.