Out Now – 10th June 2011

Don’t get excited. The lack of a Wednesday release doesn’t mean that the week’s big release is out today, it just means that there is no big release this week. Unless Kung Fu Panda 2 counts? At least it gives the smaller films more of a chance.

When we reviewed this back in October we weren’t convinced and even awarded it the Lindsay Lohan Award for Biggest Mess at the end of the London Film Festival. I stand by my conclusion: “There’s a chance Kaboom was brilliantly stylised and I just didn’t get it, but more likely it’s a terrible film.” At least you get to see at least one erogenous zone on each member of the young, attractive cast (hello Juno Temple!).

Kung Fu Panda 2
It’s Kung Fu Panda 2.

Mother’s Day
Three brothers on the run from the law return home to find a family living in their mother’s foreclosed house. Cue sadistic violence taught to them by lovely old mum. Out in plenty of time for… Father’s Day.

Raise Ravens/Cría cuervos (limited release)
Spanish drama easily defined by its IMDb keywords: Orphan, Spain, Adultery, Bird In Title, Childhood Fantasy, Child’s Imagination, Child Psychology, Mother Daughter Relationship, Sister Sister Relationship, Widow, Animal In Title, Childhood Trauma, Flashback, Little Girl.

Honey 2 (limited release)
It took a bit of detective work to find the link between Honey and Honey 2, the titular Honey isn’t even in it, but I got there. The dancing bad girl looking to turn straight (the film’s lead) for some reason stays with Honey’s mum. Going out on a limb, this probably isn’t a good film.

Point Blank (limited release)
French thriller about a nurse trying to save his wife, kidnapped by a thief’s henchmen to force the nurse to help the thief escape from hospital. It all sounds a bit ridiculous. I mean, a male nurse!?