10 Years of Wittertainment

Roughly one year ago I discovered the joys of having podcasts to listen to while on frequent and lengthy trips on public transport. Searching for a film podcast to join me on the London Underground I came across Wittertainment or Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews, to give the show its actual title.

This month the show is celebrating its ten years of existence, ten years of becoming the BBC radio’s flagship film show and of Mark Kermode’s rants and Simon Mayo’s Kermode wrangling. I may not always agree with their reviews but it’s always fun to listen to, despite Kermode’s often irritating impressions.

To celebrate their ten years on the air the BBC has a series of special shows on 5 Live, all of which are available as podcasts. The first included a live recording at Mark Kermode’s childhood cinema and a clip show fronted by Hugh Bonneville, but what is really exciting is the show that aired last Friday.

On Friday Mark and Simon were joined by the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra in Salford (far too far away) to perform classic film scores including Star Trek, Taxi Driver, The Godfather and Raiders of the Lost Ark. How can you not give that a listen? Truly nerdy fans can even listen to an hour-long show in which they chose the list of songs for the show along with Andrew Collins, Paloma Faith, Richard Wigley and Robert Ziegler.

In summary Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews is a brilliant, if poorly titled, show and we just wanted to say happy tenth birthday.

You can listen to any of the special shows or just subscribe to their podcast here.