Out Now – 14th June 2011

There’s no real need to cover this film, but once I found a review it felt cruel to not share it with you.

Got to Run (limited release)
I’ll leave this to Peter Bradshaw from the Guardian. “It is allegedly the story of a lingerie salesperson who abandons this demeaning job to pursue her true passion for running, in any number of picturesque beauty spots in the British Isles. The script is gobsmackingly dire. The leading player speaks her lines as if she’s taken a kilogram of Xanax intravenously. The sound quality in many scenes is so ropey I suspected the microphone had been immersed in a bubbling coffee percolator. The long, redundant establishing shots of various regional cities were so boring I almost lost the will to live. The pacing of the film is uncompromisingly leaden and unvarying. Run? It moves like a sedated tortoise.”