Out Now – 22nd July 2011

A Pixar film comes out today!!!! It’s the worst reviewed Pixar film ever!!!!

Cars 2
It’s not just that this is the worst reviewed Pixar film ever, it is getting a huge amount of negative reviews, 64% to be precise. Admittedly I didn’t enjoy the original Cars, but it makes no sense to follow a film about learning to take it slow with a film about spying. For shame, Pixar. For shame.

What looks like a touching film about a man connecting with his father as he deals with coming out as a gay man late on in life, and with the fact that he has terminal cancer. Expect to laugh, cry and then call your dad.

The Big Picture
As per usual in France a man kills his wife’s lover and then assumes his identity and flees the country. Expect a flurry of sex and violence followed by an hour of scenery and quiet contemplation.

Horrible Bosses
A mediocre film made good by an impressive cast. Fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be excited to see Charlie Day, everyone else will be confused by his presence.

Gilda (limited release)
The classic Rita Hayworth film returns to the silver screen. It won’t be in 3D so why bother.

The Violent Kind (limited release)
A biker gang are the victims in this horror after one of their women becomes possessed and hillbillies come for her. I want to see it just to make sense of the synopsis.

Break My Fall (limited release)
The synopsis on this film’s website is long and confusing, I bring you a short excerpt; “In the three days leading up to Liza’s 25th birthday things finally come to a head between Liza and Sally. After a failed birthday dinner the four friends are plunged into emotional meltdown at an illegal rave and by the end of the night there’s no going back to how things were.” Sounds tiresome.

The Lavender Hill Mob (limited release)
Another classic re-released, this title starring Alec Guinness and Stanley Holloway as an unlikely pair of smugglers.

One Life (limited release)
A family orientated nature documentary with a terrible level of info online. Narrated by James Bond.