Out Now – 29th July 2011

An all-American hero tries to topple the British boy wizard this week while Kevin James stars in another bad comedy and kids must choose between British live-action and Japanese animation.

Captain America: The First Avenger
The last of the Avengers prequels. See Chris Evans (not that one) go from weedy kid to one giant torso. From what the internet has told me it starts great but the final forty minutes is pretty weak. Luckily you can watch the final scene online and save yourself two hours.

Zoo animals decide to tell their keeper they can talk in order to help him find love. I wonder which is the sassy animal?

Horrid Henry: The Movie
With a cast of people famous within the UK gurning their way through the trailer this looks like a painful kid’s film. It co-stars Dick and Dom, need I say more?

Arrietty (limited release)
The Borrowers retold by Studio Ghibli with a British cast dubbed version. How can this be anything but charming?

Poetry (limited release)
A woman finds solace in poetry after witnessing a family crime. This is longer than Captain America and features 85% more poetry.

The Light Thief (limited release)
All about an electrician who “not only brings electric light (which is often out) to the lives of the inhabitants of this small city, but he also spreads the light of love, loyalty, life and mainly laughter.”

A Better Life (limited release)
A man tries to give his son a better life (it’s in the freaking title) by keeping him out of gangs and away from immigration officers.

Whisky Galore (limited release)
Another classic re-release in which “Scottish islanders try to plunder 50,000 cases of whisky from a stranded ship.”

Our Day Will Come (limited release)
Only at the ICA (oooh arty), this French film follows two men on a road trip to Ireland. Lots of social commentary along the way.