Out Now – 17th August 2011

Two big releases today, one a spin-off of an E4 comedy, and the other a spin-off from Clarissa Explains it All. One has James Bond and Indiana Jones and the other looks amazing.

The Inbetweeners
For a certain section of society, and one half of the Mild Concern team, this is an exciting release. It might seem like a tasteless comedy for teens but I like to delude myself into thinking it’s a little bit wittier than that. Saying that, I will be amazed if the word “clunge” isn’t used at least once. Bring it on.

Cowboys & Aliens
At one point this was the source of plenty of buzz… then people actually saw the film. A popular cast can’t make up for bad directing and “jarring tonal shifts”, and to think director Jon Favreau once directed the masterpiece that is Elf.