Strike Back: Project Dawn – Tonight

Section 20, an elite tactical unit, are back and are on the hunt for terrorist leader Latif. When one of their own is kidnapped they have to drop everything, after a bit of frisky business, and try to find their fellow operative and the terrorists who hold him.

I’ll admit to not having watched the original series of Strike Back – men running around foreign countries isn’t normally my thing – but having watched the first episode of this second series, Strike Back: Project Dawn, I was surprised and a little impressed.

It is clear that this is a co-production with an American company as the production values are far above what we expect on UK TV, and way above the embarrassing new series of Torchwood currently airing. It’s quite bizarre to see familiar faces from frothy UK series like Holby City and Hotel Babylon in a show with an almost cinematic quality.

Project Dawn is also notable for its swearing, sex and bloody violence, a mix normally reserved for American cable shows, though the writing here isn’t up to that standard. It doesn’t hold back, pulling no punches, and is all the better for it.

Obviously this isn’t for everyone, but anyone who enjoys a bit of action coupled with people staring at computer screens with worried expressions, tonight’s episode is worth a look. Try out our once exclusive clip posted earlier in the week.

Strike Back: Project Dawn airs tonight on Sky1 at 9pm. It certainly beats watching Sex and the City on Channel 4.